Same-Day Crowns


A digital dental technology system that allows us to offer our patients same-day dental restorations

If you have had a crown before you probably remember it being a lengthy process over a period of several weeks that required at least two visits to the dentist.

The old process began with taking a messy putty impression and sending all of the information to a dental lab where your crown would be created. While you waited for your permanent crown from the lab, you would be fit with a temporary dental crown. Once your permanent crown was ready, you would come back for a second appointment several weeks later to have the temporary crown removed and permanent crown placed.

Our brand new state-of-the-art in-office milling machine allows us to skip the temporary crown and place a permanent crown during your first visit. Our new process begins with us capturing quick diagnostic images via an intraoral scan (in layman's terms, no putty impressions ever again!), then we design your perfect smile, and lastly your permanent crown is created in just one trip to our dental office. This technology on the forefront of dentistry saves you valuable time and gives you a flawless smile faster than ever before. 

same-day crowns millard family dentistry

  • One visit
  • Reduces human error
  • Perfect fit
  • In-office milling
  • Cutting-edge dental restoration
  • Save valuable time
  • Precise results
  • No temporary crowns
  • Flawless smile repair

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