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Why Dental Hygiene Appointments Are Vital For Great Oral Health

by | Dec 30, 2018 | Oral Health | 0 comments

Your local dental clinic can offer so much more than filling cavities or treating the occasional abscess. Although it’s recommended to visit for a full checkup at least twice a year, it’s also a great idea to book just as many hygiene appointments, scheduling them in between so that you visit your clinic every few months. What benefits will this provide for your oral health?

Plaque and Tartar Removal

No matter how careful you are with brushing and flossing, over time deposits of substances called plaque and tartar will build up on your teeth, particularly in the difficult-to-clean areas. Although this is normal, if these deposits are left to themselves they can begin to harbor bacteria, which increases the risk of decay. Your dental hygienist can remove both plaque and tartar far more effectively by giving your teeth a thorough clean and polish, which as well as fighting decay, also leaves them feeling great.

Reduce Gum Disease

Bacterial build-ups are also the primary cause of gum disease, which can range in severity from minor bleeding and inflammation right through to tooth loss. Removing plaque will help stop this from happening, but a hygienist will also spot the early signs of gingivitis before it causes any lasting damage or develops into the more serious form of periodontitis.

Fresher Breath

Yet another benefit of thoroughly cleaning away bacterial havens is that your breath will be fresher, and your mouth will taste better throughout the day.

Early Warning of Health Issues

A hygienist visit can protect more than just your dental health. A surprising number of other conditions show their early signs through changes to your gums and tongue, and a hygienist is trained to pick up these warnings. Catching conditions from diabetes to leukemia in their earliest stages greatly increases the effectiveness of later treatment, and this could quite literally be a lifesaver.

Better-Looking Teeth

It’s perfectly normal for teeth to become stained as the years pass, and while professional whitening treatment from your dentist is safe and effective, it’s also fairly expensive. However, a new type of treatment uses air jets to prevent stains from building up, and it can even remove discoloration caused by coffee, wine, or tobacco. This treatment is quick, low cost, and easy to fit into a hygiene appointment.

Reduce Treatment Costs

By scheduling regular hygienist appointments between your dental checkups, you can reduce the costs of any future treatment you may need. Problems can be spotted earlier, and so will require less expensive remedies which are also less traumatic to undergo.

Overcome Fear

Lastly, hygiene appointments are a great way to start overcoming a fear of the dentist. The sessions are far less intrusive, quicker, and offer little if any discomfort. This means they’re a great way to get used to being in the dentist’s chair, reducing anxiety to make full dental appointments less intimidating.

Although visiting your dental hygienist is no substitute for careful dental care in your daily life, these many benefits mean you should certainly consider fitting regular appointments into your calendar. Your oral health will thank you for it, and you’ll save money by reducing future treatment too.


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